Looking On and Looking Again 7

Now coming to freshmen year of college, things are going great. I love the college, I’ve meet some great people, I like all of classes, and the food is pretty bad like I expected. Only really big thing that surprised me is my english class. It’s that I don’t it, or that I don’t like the teacher both of those are great. It’s more of the surprise of how college writing is so much different from high school writing. In high school every teacher drills into that all colleges want are five paragraph papers that follow a pattern and that’s it. But man is that wrong, college wants more of papers that are creative and that follow your pattern of writing and how well you can write. I know it’s not really much but it was definitely a surprise.

Looking On and Looking Again 6

In my first school that I was in I probably had the worse teaching experience anyone could have. For my first few years of school the teacher kind of pushed me away and ignored me. So I never really got any kind of schooling from kindergarten to first grade. It’s not that I was smart or anything was the fact that I didn’t do as well as the other kids and the kids that did well in class the teach would give them more attention and not focus on the kids falling behind. Now that sounds terrible for the normal person but honestly it was perfect for me because my parents realized it and got me out of the school and get me to a place that I could real succeed .

Looking On and Looking Again 5

When it comes to all my learning my hardest years of learning was definitely my middle school years of learning. It’s not much that I didn’t like school or that I didn’t care it’s because I was extremely sick through those years of my schooling. From sixth to eighth grade I ended up missing forty plus days a year. Yes I understand that that is a lot of school to miss and I honestly don’t know I made it through those years of school. But I did and I ended up doing it on my own and I did it well I passed every year with honor roll grades. Not the only thing that is more impressive that I really had no teach help. They would send me the notes that I missed and I would have to do all the work on my own.

Looking On and Looking Again 4

Throughout my senior year of high school I managed to get the learning that I missed throughout first grade to fourth grade. Now you might be asking yourself what do you mean? Did you not got to school for those grades? Well the answer is yes I did. But I never got the proper learning that I should have gotten and that’s because of my learning disabilities. Going back to senior year I started a program called WADE. It’s basically a learning program where you go and learn every basic reading skill. From learning sounds of letters to learning how to break up words. I can honestly say that I was so surprised how much I didn’t know.

Looking On and Looking Again

The day I was told that I was dyslexic was not a huge surprise to me. Instead it a shock for both of my parents. For years I’ve know that I was dyslexic. Letters, numbers, etc have always jumped around for me and I didn’t know why. So I told my brother and looked it up. Now at that moment I was surprised but not the day I was diagnosed with it. With the dyslexia it’s made my learning difficult but not impossible. Look at me now I’m a college student. If you asked me when I was younger I honestly never thought I would have been able to pass middle school or even high school. They seemed liked thoughts to high to ever come true.

Looking On and Looking Again 2

The day that I moved from my PMA which was my first school to Nottingham West was probably one of the greatest days of my life. Get the teacher that everyone said was the best I made some friends and I finally was in a place that I felt safe. Until the day that I had to take a reading test and I was not ready for it. Thankful at this time in my life I didn’t know how to read but this is the teacher that noticed that I couldn’t and got me help right away. Everyday in third grade before school started I would go see a reading a specialist that started teaching basic knowledge of how to read and get through school.

Looking On and Looking Again 1

Probably one of the most important literary times in my life is the first time I read a book by myself. The only thing that is different about my first time is that I wasn’t in kindergarten or first grade instead I was in third grade. Most people think that that is sad or embarrassing, but for me it was a huge step in my education that I have never seen before. For once I did it. It’s not like it was something hard at all it was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.I still remember my reaction when I finished it I started to cry because I was so help that I did it.


There has been countless times that reading and writing have annoyed me, the whole fact of not being able to read till the third grade the fact that I could write words that I had zero clue to what they meant and how use them correctly, the fact that on my first day of school I couldn’t find my seat because I didn’t know how to spell my name so I walked around and sat in a bunch of seats till I found one that was empty.

Reading Super and Me


In the first part that I highlighted, I liked the openness that he uses by using the meaning of paragraphs in a different way. Also in the second one that is in the picture, he is using a great flexibility technique by jumping from one point back to the main point of his story.


For this one I considered the fact that he said that “I refuse to fail” as his showing persistence.

For those few marks that I wrote on the page it helped me keep track of my thoughts and keep me focused.