Blog #2

Looking at the literacy narratives the main pattern that I found that most people over come something. With them over coming there obstacle it made was a change that made who they are. I know for me I over came a reading disability that set me back with all my school work. But at the same time it pushed me to me who I am and never give up on anything in life. I think the most surprising thing for me was that no matter what the stories were about they always come back to a bigger meaning. And how that changed the person for the better and that they always learned something from it.

The only thing that I can find that truly connects the literacy narratives to mine was the fact that everyone learned something from there experience. And that made them who they are. And how they their experience changed them for best. And how thankful they are for what happened. Those really connect with mine because I kept over coming disability over disability. First it started off with not know to read till I got to third grade and then my stomach problems that truly took a lot out of me and then finally getting told that I have dyslexia. Which I knew that I had all my life.

But starting with third grade like everyone else I also had that teacher that changed my life when she noticed I could not read and finally started to get the help I need. I’ll never forget how helpful she was and how willing she was to get me the help I need to succeed. Then came the stomach problems  I had a doctor who no matter what he was doing he would also call and check on me and make sure I got the help the need. But with the stomach problems I had to over come depression and bullying. Which as horrible as it was I made me me and I love who I am now.

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