Searching for Thesis

Why does one bad experience shape your whole way of learning?                I believe that teachers have such a big impact on the way that students look at school, because they are the ones that are suppose to be teaching the kids. And if they have a teacher that doesn’t like them or don’t like your favorite subject. the students might follow in the foots steps or the teacher and not like that subject anymore. Or a student might have had a time that someone bullied them because they weren’t as good as everyone else and instead of getting better they might have worked harder at everything else to show those kids that they are better at everything else.                                                                                               One bad experience shouldn’t shape you to hate something but it should turn it into a learning curve that you have to over come.                              Literacy narratives are an important tool for the for students to see that they aren’t alone from everyone else and that everyone has those hard ships but you just need to over come them.

Blog #4

After rereading Gee, The main point to me about his idea on a primary discourse. Where he goes on to tell the reader if you aren’t born with a primary discourse then it’s almost impossible to learn one. I really like that this idea because after reading the literacy narratives. They all kind prove Gee wrong and his ideas on a discourse because they all go though a struggling time in their lives that cause them to be put down or and not want to learn their discourse. And according to Gee that should show that  they wouldn’t be able to learn the discourse in a later time. But everyone in their stories be the end of the story have a success story that they end up learning they end up learning their discourse and becoming good at the end. So they all end up proving Gee wrong and having a success story.

Blog #3

After reading Lisa Delpits story on The Politics of Teaching. She has a really strong opinion that Gee’s idea on Discourse can be looked at, at a different angle. Lisa Delpit believes that if you aren’t born with a primary discourse then that doesn’t mean that you can not learn one. Which I agree on looking at school why does one bad experience shape your whole way learning. If you have that teacher that you just can not understand and everything you did was wrong doesn’t mean that every teacher is going to be like that. So most of the literacy narratives that I read everyone had a bad experience in school. Whether it was a teacher or a subject or something in those terms. And after that class they just hated whatever it was. But why does that have to be. If you listen to Gee you would just stop at that point because you shouldn’t be able to learn it right. Well wrong according to Lisa Delpit you can learn and get anything that you put your mind to. And that exactly what pretty much every did. Some people never got it and are still struggling with whatever it was. But almost everyone had that one person that just made it so easy for them and learned or liked whatever it was and it become one of there favorite thing.

After reading Kara Poe Alexander piece on Successes, Victims, and Prodigies she focused her piece all on others literacy narratives. Starting on page 608 she introduces a girl named Rebekah and literacy narrative. Alexander congratulates her on circumstances and pedagogical methods that took her to have a passion for writing. The reason that Alexander uses other pieces of peoples literacy narratives is because it shows all the hard ships that people have with the learn process of school. Which goes along with my question, why does one bad experience change our whole out come on learning? Alexander does her research on why there is a pattern with kids literacy narratives. One common pattern that she finds is called “cultural narrative”(609). Which is the idea of a success story, in which that the student had a hard falling out of a certain subject or of a certain teacher. But then at the end of the story they find that one person that help enlighten their look on the subject and or teacher. And but the end of the story that subject becomes their favorite or they understand why that teacher or professor  did what they had to do. So going back to may question of why does one bad experience change our whole out come on learning? Alexander starts to show her confusion on why it happens to almost every literacy narratives.