Searching for Thesis

Why does one bad experience shape your whole way of learning?                I believe that teachers have such a big impact on the way that students look at school, because they are the ones that are suppose to be teaching the kids. And if they have a teacher that doesn’t like them or don’t like your favorite subject. the students might follow in the foots steps or the teacher and not like that subject anymore. Or a student might have had a time that someone bullied them because they weren’t as good as everyone else and instead of getting better they might have worked harder at everything else to show those kids that they are better at everything else.                                                                                               One bad experience shouldn’t shape you to hate something but it should turn it into a learning curve that you have to over come.                              Literacy narratives are an important tool for the for students to see that they aren’t alone from everyone else and that everyone has those hard ships but you just need to over come them.

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