Hallward and Charon

Charon talks about narratives as a way that a way to get your story out there, so people can be more accepting of them. She talks about that with people get their stories out not only is it a way to talk the world what happened, but it’s a way that memories will never die and that they will last forever. As long as that story continues to be told. Yes there is the fact that the story will change with everyone that tells it but there is always a way to get back to the main idea of the story. From I’m getting from this no matter what the story is or what it’s about it will always be a way to tell people what has happened.

With Anne Hallway telling her Tedtalk she tells the story of shame and now it holds people back from telling everyone who they are. She talks about how shame starts to hold back, with them holding in the shame and letting it control them. After she talks about how shame can control anyone she goes on to talk about how you can heal from shame but just talking about it to someone and to get your story out. She uses the example of the LGBQT community and how they are willing to come out for years and tell the world who they are and how they aren’t afraid of who they are.

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