After reading a personal narrative by Sarah Gilbert called trapped it’s interesting to look at her idea of the story. How she talks about how people are trapped in their own minds and stuck behind the feels. Like shame, anger, and fear and how they let it control how they are going to go on. And with the the ethical rules made by society it allows the be not act as themselves. It allows them to act if they re angry, then most likely they’re going to lash out on people. Something that really interested me, that even have kids she doesn’t have a car to get around only a bike and in todays environment a car is a part of life that most people need. Like many others that read this piece I hope they found themselves questioning the way that she life and how even if you truly wanted to change the way that she was living to be more like a modern person that they would see and no matter how hard you try change someone it’s impossible without they being willing to want change. Unfortunately with todays society people aren’t willing to make change, they like to life the way that they feel comfortable and nothing can be done about it. And that sucks that people are willing to go on like that without even putting in the effort to do so.

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