7 Billion Other Project

Go to the website 7 billion other project, I looked in the videos tab and noticed all the different topic to choose from. The one the caught my eye the most was Family. It was interesting to see how other interacted with their family or how they all cared for them in different ways but they all seem to talk about how family is always there for you and will love no matter what you do. And that they’re always going to to love you. I truly feel that what they are saying is coming from the heart because you an see and feel the emotion that comes from them when they talk about the love and are that comes with them. I truly didn’t feel like there was a point that surprised me because the way that people were describing family made me realize that my family is like that and they care for me and love me and would do anything for me in a heart beat because that who they are and truly love me.

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