Global warming is the idea that burning of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases are causing the average temperature of the planet to increase over time. Which in theory is destroying the environment and the causing a swift in the migration of animals. But what if this isn’t aren’t fault, everyone knows that the sun will die over time and there is the idea that earth is slowly getting closer to the earth every time that the earth fully passes the around the sun. There is also the idea that the sun is going to go super nova with could completely destroy the solar system. What is those are causing the earths average temperature increase. Why is it always the idea that burning fossil fuel and greenhouse gases that are causing this increase. I believe that those could possible be more of a likely hood to cause the increase.

Global warming has become an impactful idea of the last decade, with the discovery that the earths average temperature is increasing and with the discovery that the polar ice caps are shirking at an uncontrollable rate. According to Paul Przyborski, a NASA aero space engineer he stated that “Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn fossil fuels. Causing the Earths average temperature to increase 0.6 to 0.9 degrees Celsius” (Przyborski). Paul is explaining with the increase of burning fossil fuels and greenhouse gases it’s destroying the earths atmosphere. With the Earth’s atmosphere getting destroyed its causing more solar and uv-rays to reach the planets surface Which is causing the natural structures to change and a change in the environment. Daniel Glick states, “Glacier National Park in 1910, it was home to an estimated 150 glaciers. Since then the number has decreased to fewer than 30, and most of those remaining have shrunk in area by two-thirds” (Glick). Daniel is explaining from the increase of the Earths temperature it causing the changes in the environment and causing the planet to lose its natural beauty because of us.

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