Control Individualized Error Patterns

Control Individualized Error Patterns – 5%

Some markers of individualized error pattern control include:

  • Naming one’s common error types and identifying a plan to address those types
  • Compound and complex sentences incorrectly punctuated or signaled in early drafts are corrected in final drafts
  • Patterns of error in early drafts are reduced or eliminated in later drafts
  • Proofreading that yields final drafts with significantly fewer errors than appear in earlier drafts

This is a skill that can make a normal paper into a great one. Just from finding a common error and noticing. So that it won’t happen again in other papers or future work. Also this skill helps you fix other common errors that you might not notice and by fixing them it helps with the flow of the paper and making it more understandable.


Here is an example of the my Big D discourse paper before it was revised.


And here is my paper after it was devised. As you can see it is completely different the paper before and you can see that the common mistakes are fixed and not really there.