Critique Own and Others’ Work

Critique Own and Others’ Work – 15%

Some markers of solid critique of one’s own and others’ work include:

  • Comments on drafts that address idea development, claims and evidence, and organization
  • Comments on drafts that offer specific suggestions for change (possible quote, claim, or explanation), not merely a critique of weak spots
  • Discussion of a peer’s ideas include exploration of the ideas in the project, suggestions regarding implications, possible opportunities for extension, and even counterarguments
  • Visible work after a draft that demonstrates efforts to clarify, to rework sections, and to rethink ideas
  • Concrete, specific revision plan
  • Both offers and accepts feedback generously and in good faith

This is a skill that helps you give the writer feed back from a different point of view. To help get a better point of view of what is going on and get a better understanding for the reader. This is important, not only does it help give feed back writer so they can fix things but it helps gives feed back back in a positive. Which could encourage the writer to do more and adda more to the paper.



Here is an example of me critiquing the work of my class mate not so much because it didn’t so much fit in the paper but so much to the point that it just didn’t make sense to me. That it made it hate for me to follow long with the paper.



This is an example of me challenging my class mate to help her get her point across and truly follow the guide lines of the question that is being asked to her.



In these two examples of me critiquing my class mates work the things that I said was that I liked the way that she was using the writing styles and the other was giving her idea that she could use in her paper to help get her point across even further.