Document Work using Appropriate Convention

Document Work using Appropriate Conventions – 5%

Some markers of solid documentation using appropriate conventions include:

  • Source introductions that are responsible to the source, located within the context of the writer’s project, and focused
  • Signal phrasing and reporting verbs that are varied in ways that suit one’s purpose and context
  • In-text citations that follow MLA parenthetical and punctuation format
  • A Works Cited list that follows MLA format and enables a reader to easily locate the sources

This skill is a helps you cite work that you use from other writers. When you add them to your work. This is important because if you don’t cite your work then is plagiarism which is very serious. It’s important to give the credit of the work that you use to the main writer because you’re using their work to help you and your work.



Here is an example of me citing my work from a passage I used from Delpit’s work on my paper the Big D discourse. With all work that I used from the Delpit and Gee in my paper I cited everything that wasn’t my work.


Gee, James Paul. “LITERACY, DISCOURSE, AND LINGUISTICS: INTRODUCTION.” The Journal of Education        171.1, LITERACY, DISCOURSE, AND LINGUISTICS (1989): 5-176. Web.

Delpit, Lisa D. “The Politics of Teaching Literate Discourse.” Literacy: A Critical Sourcebook. N.p.: n.p.,               2001. 545-54. Print.