Eng 123 Kenneth Goddu

Kenneth Goddu


ENG 123 B

Starting off at the beginning of the year, you could say that my writing was rough. Honestly, I would agree to the statement. I started off the year with a general idea of how to write papers that would work in a high school level class, and with that I had no idea how different it would be to write at the next level. Looking at all three of the essays that I wrote during this class you can see a huge growth in my writing. From the way that I add ideas from others work and cite them properly, to checking simple grammar and sentence structure mistakes, to just making an essay flow properly. Going into this course I honestly expected at nothing was going to come out of this class, I thought that it was just going to be another English class that I struggle in and it’s a force to get through. Honestly the class wasn’t bad a wonderful teach that made the class enjoyable, I learned some skills that will hopefully continue to improve, and it was a good group of students that were willing to learn and improve their skills. Now I was hoping that I was going to go into the class and hope that it would change my view on an English class and make me like the subject, but I was wrong. Yes, the class was good and enjoyable at parts, there was the times that I would sit there and wish that I didn’t show up. Now that’s not because of anyone but myself and how I feel about the subject. For my overall growth over the course I would say that my skills and general knowledge for the class grow at a pretty steady rate. By the I mean I learned a lot from the class but I still have plenty to learn.

Writing as a recursive process:

Looking at the second essay you can see my greatest improvements to the overall paper. When we passed in the first draft, I honestly don’t even think that you could consider it a first draft. The only things that were in my paper we an introduction paragraph and a paragraph supporting my thesis. In the introduction paragraph, I started off by explaining my topic, which was the LGBTQ community. In the paragraph that followed I used an example from Anne Hallward’s work, where I pretty much used a whole paragraph in my own. And that was the whole first draft of my paper. Then looking at my final draft of my paper, you’ll see that six paragraphs were added into the paper. Starting off with me adding four paragraphs that all were used to support my thesis, and all the information’s that was added was found from articles that were provided to the class. In the fifth paragraph that was added from the first draft of the paper, I decided to use an example from my own personal experience. Where I talked about my first time really seeing people from the community that I never really noticed for and how they that same as us. In the final paragraph that was added I placed it in a concluding paragraph, where the thesis was restated and all the information was summarized together.

Examples: First link is to my first draft and second is for the final draft of my second essay.



Integrating your ideas with those of others:

        Throughout every essay that was written in this course we were required to use quotes from others work to support and argue against our thesis of the paper. For the first essay, I didn’t use specific quotes from the others work but I did use their ideas and talk about what they were saying, but for the second and third essay I did use specific quotes from others work and then after words I used what they said and wrote about what I thought they were trying to say. I would say for the most part I correctly analyzed what they said and either used them to support my thesis or to argue against my thesis. With my second essay where I wrote about the LGBTQ community I used a quote from Anne Hallward, when she brings up the idea that tell their stories to others to get others to understand what they have gone through and how they aren’t ashamed of who they are. After I used the quote from Anne Hallward I went into further detail about how they used that shame to show that it’s ok to be themselves and that people will for the most part except who they are.

Example: Look at the second paragraph in my second essay.



Active, critical reading:

        For this section I would say is the part that I struggle with the most, I was able to find out information on what I was writing about, but when it came to the point of writing on the margin of the paper to take notes, I never would do so. I don’t know I won’t write on the margin either it was because I found it distracting or I just wouldn’t understand what I was reading. So, it always looked like I never read anything, but that wasn’t true because on the blogs where I had to write a response to the passage that we read I would always do it for the most part. Looking at my blog about Delpit’s passage that I wrote, I made a clear observation about some of her thoughts. When it came to the other I would make an interesting point from the reading but it wasn’t always a clear point that left the professor confused. I would say that I’m starting to get better from I started at the beginning of the course but I know that I can use so more work in this category.

Example: This is my example for active reading on Delpit’s piece.


Critiquing your own and other’s’ work:

        Critiquing the work of others and mine, is a category I would say that I have made a pretty big improvement from when I start to where I am now. Starting off at the beginning of a semester, I would tell people very little when it came to peer reviewing their work. I would put like two or three comments someone’s paper because I would be nervous about what I was telling them to do because I wasn’t sure if it would truly help them with their paper. The comments that I made were to help me to understand what they are trying to say. Also, when it came to peer reviewing I had this thought of whatever I put as a comment would annoy the person and then they might not use my advice. But as the semester went on I became more comfortable with the students in the class and I figured out that the advice that I put on the comments were good points to make. If I couldn’t understand what they were saying then other people that read the essays might be able to understand what is truly trying to be said. Going back to all the peer reviews that were done during the class I decided to look for a peer review from the beginning of the year and then one from the end of the semester. The first link from a paper that I one put one comment on, but in the comments that I made I pointed out a couple things that could help improve the paper, then looking at the second link I made 10 comments on the second paper. As you can see I was able to get more comfortable with making the comments and I was able to spot out more things that could improve the overall paper.

Example: First link is from the beginning of the semester and second is from now.



Using MLA citation:

Properly using MLA citation. This is a category that I learned a great deal from, to start things off I learned that citing others and adding other ideas to your, not only save you from plagiarism but it also added views from others that can help support or argue the topic at hand. Another huge lesson that was learned was that there are so many ways to properly cite different sources. Going back to the beginning of semester I remember the typing the first essay and think that I did well on it. I wrote down information about the readings and ideas that I thought would help the paper, but I was wrong I cite my work in the text and at the work cited page I just posted what I thought was correct. Man was I wrong. I found out that I didn’t so well on that the paper, and I know that the next two essays that I had to figure it out and quickly. On the second and third essay, I learned from my mistakes. I figured out to cite in the text and how to properly create a work cited page.

Example: First link is citing in my paper and the second link is a proper work cited page



Managing individual error patterns:

        Looking at my writing from all the years or school there are errors patterns that could spotted in them. Over this semester of English 123 my professor spotted an error pattern that has been in almost all my papers, that common error pattern for was sentence fragments. For those unsure what a sentence fragment is, it’s a group of words that look a sentence but are missing an either a subject or verb. Now for me I never thought about sentence fragments, I just thought that all my sentences were complete. I found out that I was wrong. In the first two essays of the semester I averaged three to four sentence fragments in them, but by the end of the third essay I didn’t have any in my work. Now that a pretty good growth going from a couple to none, and for this growth I would have to thank an assignment of doing a mini lesson. Without that assignment, I wouldn’t have thought about what a sentence fragment is or how to correct them in my work.

Example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qEeR9cu9e28fOQlRD5CUTPxIxsK9w1CYChy2aXWgzOs/edit


        Looking at myself as a writer I would say that I’m behind from where I should be, coming from having multiple reading and learning disabilities it really caused me to fall behind as a reader and writer. As I progressed through school I could figure out different ways that I could use to get by those English classes, without them causing me stress as a student. With all the English classes I have taken of the year I would say that my college intro to writing classes helped the most when it came to growth as a reader and writer. It helped show me the ways that peer review of other’s work and your work and greatly increase the points that are trying to be made and how a simple error pattern can throw off the whole flow of the paper. The one outcome that I would say I showed the most growth in was writing as a recursive process because in all the conferences that we had after all the papers it had the highest growth over any other category. I would say that I’m still struggling with active, critical reading because I’m just not fully understanding what I’m reading all the time and from what I have read what is going to be import to right about. For the future of my writing I’m going to continue to work on rereading my papers and looking carefully in others text to find points of their writing that will help support or argue my thesis or topic.