Grammar/ Punctuation mini-lesson

Looking back my writing over this semester I’ve noticed a very common pattern from my writing and that’s sentence fragments. For the most part, I use sentence fragments more or less because I don’t notice them and I haven’t been thought correctly about sentence fragments. Honestly through all of my schooling no one really ever talked about my sentences not being complete and correct, so to me I always thought it was fine. Now that I’m looking I think the reason that I never really noticed them was because I had a writing helper that would read over my papers and fix most of the mistakes that I have. And when there was a my writing I never asked why it was wrong I just changed it without thinking. For the help lesson plan that I have decided that I was going to make a power point presentation, where I discuss what a sentence fragment is and how to fix them.

I start the presentation off by telling what a sentence fragment is and how it’s not a sentence, by saying that it’s a group of words that looks like it’s a sentence, but it is not a sentence. Now that I told what a sentence fragment is, a real sentence is a group of words that was a independent clause. A independent clause is a subject and a verb that are able to stand but themselves. Now for the most part everyone knows that you need a  subject and a verb in a sentence, even I know that you need them, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to always think about having them. You just assume that you have both the subject the verb in the sentence.

Now in the presentation you know what a sentence fragment is and how a sentence is suppose to look like, I decided that I was going to add in examples for words that are grouped together but aren’t complete. I used examples of sentence that are missing either a subject or a verb. I even used a sentence that had both but it didn’t have a subordinating word or words to tell what was going on in the sentence. After giving the examples I then went on to tell how to fix the sentences to make them proper sentences.

With the help from my peers, teacher, and even this presentation, it has helped me get a better understanding of what a sentence fragment is and how to fix them in proper sentences. Now I’m not going to say that I’m an expert on this topic, honestly I probably have one in this paper, but I know for sure that I have a better under standing of sentence fragments. And I will continue to work on them and try my best to fix them so my essays and projects flow more fluently.


Link to presentation: