Integrate Ideas with Those of Others

Integrate Ideas with Those of Others – 20%

Some markers of integration include:

  • Selecting quotes that are interesting, revealing, complicated, or in need of discussion or response
  • Connecting ideas within and between paragraphs
  • Presenting textual evidence that confirms and complicates one’s claims
  • Using others’ ideas to extend or counter one’s own or others’ ideas
  • Providing context for the specific passage(s) being quoted or paraphrased
  • Following specific passage(s) with analysis, interpretation, or explanation at an appropriate level of elaboration
  • Making clear the boundaries between one’s own ideas/words and those of one’s sources

In every paper and any reading that we used or read. We would use quotes from there work in our papers to help either follow a question or to help broaden and strengthen our own work to make our papers stronger. With the Big D discourse paper we were told to use examples from Delpit and Gee and use what they said and either agree with or disagree with what they are saying to follow question that is asked.

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-5-46-24-pm Here is an example paragraph where I used Deplit’s idea and what she believed that on how you can acquire a discourse. And I show they I agree with what she is saying about the piece and using her work and ideas to help my paper.


Here is another example from my work where we are talking about work from Barnett and Nussbaum. I’m using their ideas on education and I’m adding it into my paper to show that I either agree with what they are say or disagree.